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12 Types of Wall Paneling For Your Interior Design

A building makes its first impression through its facade. Equally significant are the walls inside it, for there is nothing more mundane than a plain drab wall. 

Paneling is a simple yet effective way of adding character to a room. They come in different materials, textures and colors, each conveying an idea of their own. 

Advantages of Wall Paneling

  • Protects the wall surface.
  • Insulates from heat
  • Improves acoustics
  • Supports utilities
  • Covers cracks and stains
  • Hides unsightly wires or pipes.
  • Adds to the aesthetics

Types of Wall Panels

Based on the material used, wall panels can be classified as- 

  1. Wood panels
  2. Stone panels
  3. PVC panels
  4. WPC panel
  5. Fabric Panels
  6. Upholstered panels
  7. MDF Panels
  8. Glass panels
  9. Mirror panels
  10. Shiplap wood panels
  11. Tile Board wall panels
  12. Metal panels

1. Wood Panels

Natural wood panels make the room luxurious. They also absorb sound and help with acoustics.

  • Depending on the wood and how they are placed, they can give a rustic and or elegant feel.
Wood Paneling in Residence
Interior wooden panels in a residence by Cesar Arosio. The panels are used to give a rich, yet elegant interior design.

2. Stone panels

They are elegant materials that can be used both indoors and outdoors due to their durability. They are also great thermal insulators. 

  • They are easy to maintain, durable and look rich. 
Stone Panels in a Cafe
Interior stone wall panels used in this residence are both aesthetic and functional.

3. PVC

Polyvinyl chloride panels are made of synthetic plastic polymer. They have the appearance and feel of plastic and are lightweight, moisture resistant, strong and affordable. 

  • They are most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. 
PVC Panels in a Residence
Pvc panels for interior of a room which makes the walls moisture resistant

4. WPC panels

Wood plastic composite panels are made of wood fibers and plastic. Although they look similar to wood, they are eco friendly as they are made of recycled wood fibers.

  • They are strong, durable, water resistant and can be used for kitchens and bathrooms. 
WPC Panels in an Outdoor Patio
WPC wall cladding is a great option for an outdoor set up

5. Fabric panels

They are used in places with high noise levels. Their function is to prevent echo, avoid noise from exiting the room and improve sound quality. 

  • They are put to use in schools, auditoriums, cinema halls etc. 
Fabric Panels in an Office
Acoustic fabric panels by Dexune used in this residence give acoustic privacy for its residents

6. Upholstered Panel

These panels can be used to give the room a soft and luxurious look. This material absorbs sound, proving to be good for acoustics.

  • Variation can be brought in textures and colors.
  • They can be made of velvet, jacquard, silk, leatherette etc. 
Upholstered Panel in a Residence
Upholstered panels by Hommes Studio was given for both aesthetic and acoustic purposes

7. MDF panels

Mild density fiber boards are cost effective wall panels. They can also be made to mimic natural wood panels.

  • Their surface is suitable for painting and other decorative carvings. 
MDF Panels in an Office
Decorative surface of MDF wood panels by Lissoni and partners in a residence design

8. Glass panels 

Glass panels gives the room a light feel. It is usually used to give a small room the illusion of being bigger. 

Glass Partition Wall in a Residence
Glass panels used in a living room which makes the room appear bigger than it is

9. Mirror panels 

Their reflective property is used to give the illusion of a larger volume. 

  • They are used in small rooms and corridors. 
Mirror panels in a small room in a residential project by Hommes Studio

10. Shiplap wood panels

This panel is a cost effective paneling made of pine, oak or cedar. It is manually installed and has the quality of beautiful handwork. 

  • It can be used for both outdoors and indoors in garages, rooms and kitchen. 
Shiplap paneling in an entry porch of a residence designed by Cottonwood & co

11. Tile board wall panels

They are made of a layer of melamine over MDF. The texture and grooves make it mimic ceramic tiles. 

  • It is a very cost effective way to cover large spaces in unimportant rooms.
Tile board wall panels in bathroom gives an aesthetic ceramic texture for the room.
Tile board wall panels in bathroom gives an aesthetic ceramic texture for the room

12. Metal wall panels

These panels are fire and water resistant. They are also durable and offer good protection for the walls.

  • They are lightweight and easy to install in any room.
Aesthetic copper and brass panels by Bartoli design in a residence.
Aesthetic copper and brass panels by Bartoli design in a residence

By choosing the right type of paneling, one can easily set the tone of the room and improve its aesthetics. 

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