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(PS.This is not a story), ARCHITECTS NEED A DECENT PAY. Its too bad already that we spend so much money and time on the course, its high time we get paid accordingly.

Improvise . Adapt . Overcome

This was a last minute strategy or a crazy thing we did just before final Jury. The design was good nothing extraordinary, sheets were simple and decent, and there was a slight nervousness of being heckled by the Juror infront of whole class and some juniors. So, just as the juror arrived in the room, we were already waiting near his seat, staring at the sheets and model , and very calmly one of us said "koi gadha hi hoga jise ye design pasand nahi aayegi" (only donkey would dislike this design and work). Another one softly but loud enough to make everyone hear said " pata nahi yaar, aaj kal architects acha kaam aur ache presentation me difference nahi samajhte". We continued this senseless talk for few more minutes. To our collective surprise, juror ended up praising the work and somehow even praised the boy who did it. Despite of many flaws in design, along with a missing North. We pulled off this last moment stunt and hence IMPROVISED . ADAPTED . OVERCAME


On one fine day, a hilarious evening studio class!As the poster says "studio story" I'll start with studio and go somewhere else XD This Nightmare happened in my 1st year. We had a professor BRS, well knowledged but he used to be lost in his own world of Architecture theory that we never understood.That day we all were asked to submit a research paper on his class, we everyone submitted it at time doing some shit feared of his kind behavior still he had something to surprise us that time by asking the groups to present it individually on his cabin.Things went well for the first few groups till we came to discuss, the gang of almighty. That Cabin was as threatening as him, every corner with a depressingstory filled meanwhile He started inquiring about the works we did in an order, ranting that all people copied from internet simply. The session went really serious with that dead silence as we all had to collect infos by referring book, though we didn’t but lying to him. Me standing beside my trippy friend Ayyappa was questioned by him "Ayyappa, where you got all this informations from?" .With his slow deep voice my friend "From Internet Sir". We all laughing out loud, ROFL XD forgetting that we all had an critical discussion there, was an unforgettable funny moments and we got punishment too by standing face the wall later.It’s still a nightmare for me that how we laughed that time with that confidence!P.S. me smiling while writing this, my mom staring at me thinking something else XDDeadEnd

Zoned out

It's the time of my first design exam. I had a habit of talking to myself. In the middle of exam i started blabbering to myself and there's one proff she thought that i was talking to the people around. She told me to get out of the class during the exam because of that but i was so zoned out that i didn't even realise what's happening and her taking my name or anything. After the exam ended i was so shocked when my friend told me that this all happened.

The Tendencies

Architecture studios have been a lot of things for me, but most importantly a mirror. Showing me my progress or downfall, a mirror which reflected truth at every point, specially when it came to differences between each and everyone. Coming from a middle class family, it's fairly difficult to keep up with everyday expenses and the lifestyle which takes over the architecture students, expensive materials, printouts, late night pizza and evening snacks while group works and many more. It does affect everyone, what troubles me is that joining salary of an usual architect is somewhere between 7k to 20k, and if you think rationally this salary isn't even enough to provide food on table and water in taps. And we students spend like Harvard final year students with placement letters in our hand. Over tha last 3 years of my student life, I have realised that I am nothing special, no firm is specifically searching for me. My mind thinks just like the other 50% of the architects out there. So I have developed this tendency of doing my tasks/works with utmost precision and efforts. If there's a work, I am not sure if mine will be the most unique or most innovative, but I am damn sure mine will be most appropriate and most articulated. The things which keeps me in this like of work, are my TENDENCIES.

The Pandemic Chronicles

It was June 2021, amidst the lockdowns and piling submissions thrown at us from a 6" screen, we were almost 14 sheets behind the bare minimum requirement to pass the construction technology subject (BCT/BTM). One night while playing some online game with my batchmates and few seniors, we came to a conclusion that it was far beyond impossible FOR US to comple all the sheets comprising drawings of Vault, Door Window, Partition walls and False Ceiling. We tried everything, from photoshop to autodesk sketchbook, from changing name in format to adding pencil texture to the cad drawing (which we picked from cadbull). The night was full of mental breakdowns to high value thoughts, from imagining myself studying same things with juniors to becoming a celebrity architect and changing the whole education system. Just around 8am, few hours before final submission it occured to me that faculties can't fail me if they can't see my sheets. The idea was to show that work has been submitted on Google Classroom and there's some technical error and they can't see it. I created a corrupted file by simply clicking a pic on phone, and saving it in pdf extension (simply renaming the pic to submission.pdf) and submitted the file. And so did my other 7 mates. Just to make it look a bit less suspicious, I asked few people who have submitted the whole work to also submit this file just as a prank. Faculties after noticing the same black unsupported file in almost 25 submissions, came to a conclusion that students are supposed to submit the hardcopy on a designated date. And to our relief that date was 4 weeks later. Enough to make Glass copy of each sheet. It was that day when I passed the semester, saved my 2 years and career ahead in architecture field. Looking back I realise, how small actions can have such big ripples of impact on life.

My ghost story

There is a saying that death is not an excuse in architecture,well it's so true.Once there's was a time when I did all my plans, elevations ,section,views everything of my design,but you know what , it was all a dream 😜

my journey

i start my story from

Tale of Two Strangers

I just got a notification in my college group regarding NASA, ANC registrations. I just clicked on mark as read just like typical college messages regarding classes... Next morning I went to college as usual but found myself alone as all my friends were absent just then my USec came and again reminded about ANC. Then I gave a thought to it, and took a risk of my monthly pocket money... Got done with registration and started my long journey to LPU to meet strangers but it came a bit early than I anticipated 😅 as we disembark the train. We just merged with another college on our journey to LPU. As we reached LPU. That night I became a pro dancer, drummer everything just mingled with everyone around that one of the best day's in the Event... "If is meant to happen it will happen" is my motto and I strongly believe in it. Next day I got into workshop and someone sat beside me and I don't know how but we just clicked and a new beginning for a journey of two strangers started... Let's hope it doesn't end with in these 4 days event 😅

Thirsty crow

Once apon a Time their was a thirsty crow. And he was very thirsty . Sudden he saw a bawl of little water. The crow was go to a bowl bt he can't drink water . After few time later sudden he became a idea . And he was work on it . He threw the stones in to the bowl after them the water rises up and then he dirnk water and fly away .

I didn’t sign up for this da!!

Architecture firms are not to be taken lightly. They never cease to surprise their employees on a daily basis (which if you find it fun, “hey you’ve found a reason to go to work!”). So me being an intern, severely underpaid and under stress, wasn’t let down. One day when I was ready to jump into the weekend, wrapping up work, my boss walks in and asks me to restart the system I just shutdown! Abracadabra and he conjures up some work for me from thin air. Me who just packed my stuff, starts unpacking and sit for work as he leaves the office. And there goes my weekend, as I wake up in the office after passing out on my keyboard!

Tale of Set Square

1st day of Architecture, new benches, new faces but same old anxiety. Being 2 weeks late for admission comes with toll, be it academic burden or difficulty to merge with students, or the instrument dilemma. I was silently sitting there in back row, curiously absorbing everything, and somewhere from a corner a faint voice breaks my pointless staring at the largest scale and paper I ever encountered, a Parallel Scale with A2 sheet. Teacher called me and soon as I reached the table I was supposed to submit 2 AGT sheets (Cube and Cuboid Technical drawings), with blank face and fumbling voice I uttered "pata nahi ma'am, mai aaj hi aaya hu" (It's my 1st day). To me it seemed like terror hit her, trying to calm herself she replied "jitna hua hai le ke aao" (Bring the sheet in its current state). Unable to read the room, I borrowed a A2 sheet and rushed to the table, hoping this would be a great chance to recover what has been taught in 2 weeks. The awe stricken ma'am looked at me furiously, and lectured me nearly 25 minutes, starting from "Do you think I am fool" to "I think you should go home and give up". Things escalated so fast, before I could make some excuses or tell her about my late admission, she asked me to bring an adjustable set square and 2B pencil. Pencil was the only thing I was able to gather, because adjustable set square was beyond me. I asked the same guy you lent me the blank sheet to give me a set square, the innocent boy pointed at a blue triangular object, without thinking twice I grabbed everything and ran to the table. With a hint of anger and frustration, ma'am scolded "am I supposed to take out the set square and adjust it to 45°). I looked at the blue triangular object, opened the flap held by the velcro, and there was nothing inside. Looking at her furious face, my intuitive thoughts kicked in, I griped the blue cover, tore it apart and handed the cardboard inside it to the teacher. Needless to say, that was the point where another 25 minutes harsh lecture begun, this time it was personal and unfiltered. But at some point I heard "Diploma me yahi sikhaya hai?" (Is this what you learnt in Diploma?". And finally I was able to come out of this misery by simply saying "Mai 12th se hu ma'am, aaj 1st day hai mera." (I have completed 12th standard and it's my 1st day). To which she replied "should have told me earlier, very dumb". She asked me to meet her after break for a recap of 2 weeks. As of today, I am in 5th year. I still owe one off-white A2 cartridge sheet and 1 adjustable set square to the innocent guy.


My friend said he is going to sleep and not finishing BCM sheet. I slept too. But he woke up to finish the sheets. I slept through ;-;

the bhullakad [absentminded] me!

once apon a time, i was in first sem🤣. being a total absentminded person used to forget to give north to my architectural plans as the sheet were being made by me in the very last moment, just the night before the juries. faculties being mad at it always used to ask me, 'where is north😤' 'where is north😤'....and as usual a person in fault remains quite, i had nothing to argue against that....the out of no where after 2 years i had a very wierd thought of what if i have a north of my own permanently...took the keys, drived to the tattoo artist, showed him the place and got a permanent north on the back of upper thumb which in an other angle looks 'R', the initial of my dad. now when ever the faculty asks where is your north...i show him the position as normal standing posting is making the tattoo always point up🤭


Hey! My self YASWANTH. K ( 3RD YEAR/ Z513) My Journey started to ANC with a batch of 12, boarding a 2 day long train from Karnataka to Punjab, we had booked train to sampakranti train from karnataka to Delhi, we reached around 12 on 8/06. From their we took a cab to see some beautiful places in Delhi for few hours, we visited INDIA GATE, RAJ PATH, PARLIAMENT, AND PALAK BAZARAND. Then we had to reached Delhi railway station by 4, we had a train from sathabdhi to Jalandhar @4:30, the train was full of students from different collages who were going to attend ANC, we had a grate time in train as the whole cabin of us were full of students and we all had a good time, then a kid started making rocket so, all of us started playing the same till we reach Jalandhar. Once we reached LPU, everything was worth it, the campus itself is a very mesmerizing one. We done our registration by 12 on 8 noon and reached our rooms, the people of LPU helped as a lot THANK YOU GUYS😊.THEN, the next day when we get up it was around 7 o clock in the morning, we started to get ready with some traditional outfit, as soon as I came out from the room the atmosphere around was cool, but when I was out of hostel it's very hot, then I went to have my breakfast, the breakfast was quiet good, I like the dose. Then we went to attend a seminar as my first class in 65th ANC, it was pretty good i loved it. As soon as it ended it was lunch time, the lunch was nice and the kulfi it's amazing, then I was tired since 2nd day I need to rest for a bit, so I went back to my room and rested for a bit, then I had to attend the convocation of 65th ANC, IT was a forever memorable event. Thanks LPU and nasa India. All the collage students making hell of sound to represent the collage. It’s a lit experience Day - 2, it was a lazy wake up for me, I was in a hurry to register for the work shop but the link was not working, I was confused, then our college UD has shared a link to register, then I had registered a work shop called Architecture and representation. It went well, then I had to attend a on spot event Design, The moment when we won on spot design was the moment that made us all think we were worthy of being here, the our college has participated for tug of war, we tried over best and won the 2nd place. tug of war made us realised how capable we are as a team. I was excited to see Darshan Raval's concert was so amazing, we all had a really great time dancing over their on his beautiful songs. All the time I spent in this college and all the memories we made is going to last a life time, I came here to have good time, now I'm leaving with life long memories, new friends, deepened connections and knowledge to carry on with me. Thank you NASA for making this ANC such a beautiful one for us students, thank you for reigniting the spark in me and making me fall in love with architecture even more.

Your turn is next!

So there was a period in our campus where these E-Autos were very popular.We had this end semester review and just like every other review, I was working till the very last minute. Me and my friend had our lot orders at the very end (I was last he was second last). So, we decided to go together but even then time was not enough to complete the sheets properly 😂. My batchmate calls me and is like “Deiiii where are you guys!? Your turns are going to come up”. So I decided let’s just leave. I call my friend and he says “Machi lets go in e-auto da you know they are pretty cool”. (Famous last words)Actually the ride started off okay. Halfway between the hostel and the dept. the auto slows down, and eventually stops. The anna is saying “haha thambi battery over pa”. By now I already got like three calls from that guy saying they are calling us because our turn is next. After paying him, me and my friend, with sheets and model in hand, are literally running towards the dept. You know sometimes when something bad happens, then a streak of bad things following it happens and you are just there like “Setha nai mela ethana lorry eruna enna?” (What does it matter how many lorries run over a dead dog?). Likwise, the wind that never hits any other time when we walk to dept, came all together at once and hit us like it was straight out of Vayubhagavan’s mouth himself. Sheets ended up flying and we had to go catch it and all that happened.Long story short, we were late, the reviewers and the professor were not ready to look at our designs. They used our two slots as a roasting session and as a good finisher to their long day of conducting the review. It was a solid 45 mins of pure sledging (you know, those existential, “why did you choose architecture?” kinda questions profs pull). Mind you, in that, maybe only 5 mins went to the discussion of the design. I mean we both were just tired we were looking at each other like “Why are we still here, just to suffer.” They let us go by telling they were gonna fail us for this. Regardless of whether the review went bad or good, the first thing that we would all want to do post-review is to just pass out in the room, right? Yeah thats exactly what I did.Never know when an E-Auto will sike 😳 (I mean I dont think the review would have gone good even if we were on time but still 😂🥲)Sorry for long text guys 😂

Final Jury Gone Wrong

I finished my sheets on time for the first time in my life and I went to submit it but the juror failed me because I didn’t put north symbol on the sheets. Quite ironic

The orange pathways!!

Every Architecture student has some crazy story about their academic work it could be a jury, some project, with faculty and etc. But me being a color blind and architecture students made my every project hilariously crazy!! I messed with my every project in hand made sheets !!! People see colors as shades and I can't differentiate between them!! So this story is about my first project "Bus Queue Shelter" and while sketching my site plan we were asked to color the pathways with yellow and guess what I did!!! I color them in ORANGE !! I know I was scolded for that and whole class was laughing for my flaws!! But yeah teacher understood my color problem but still they scold me because color wasn't the main mistake my washroom 's vent was towards the eating area😂😂😅!!

" Studiovil maanabangam ( embarizzment ) "

When i was doing my last semester , i was excited bout my design , until i showed up to my faculty 🥲Actually there were 2 design staffs and one appreciated and approved my design and the other one trashed on my design. The staff told me to get some design sense and told my juniors are better than you . And actually they were better :/ The thing is i failed my design and I am just doing my design again with my junior crush :) ( embarizzment )

Tana bana

Hello everyone.. Here is my story of me and my class with our one *the favourite* teacher.So she teaches us one of the most important subject that’s UD. So the whole semester she teached us UD as referring “inter relationship “ as “tana bana” and ancient roads as “pagdandi” so when we write exams like MST or mid terms we would write tana bana, tana bana and she would laugh and be happy so much as she thinks her teachings is being grabbed by us. And we would laugh looking at her thinking about how can someone dont know that stidents are mocking her… This was kind of frustrating during exams but now when i think about it now.. It makes us laugh out a loud.

Less is more

Back in 1st sem i got applause from the whole class for having the most attendance in bcm by our principal.. coming to present 9 th sem our class coordinator has sent me a warning letter for least attendance of the semester 😪

All about Architecture

People think architecture students aren't busyUmm...why not, just like minting money is easy.All the redos, submissions, failures are a part of the 5 year package,But sure do they mould one, from an average to savage.The last minute print errors, the minute mistakes in model measurements are very frustratingBut afterall, such errors help in making instant decisions and make us explore entire new things.Architecture is not only about designing houses,It is shaping a thing which may be oneself or any of the masses.An architect or an architecture student never sleeps, We are always dreaming or day dreaming about our sheets.From wasting the abundant past time, To making the past time creative,Architecture makes one's life hell lot of positive.We may curse, regret this field at first,But later we cant stop making memories and thanking our mentors who guided us in this unquenchable thirst.As a student of 2nd year, I have a plenty of experiences, assignments waiting at my doorstep,But as always we are positive and can crack any task at our footsteps.This may not sum up the entire architectural experience,Since architecture itself is a never ending profession.As I end, I will just say,No field, profession is easy or tough,Its just one's interest which makes that ride smooth or rough.

We are super humans

How are we surviving on less sleep, less food, less to no mental health and too much work. Still surprised about that one review prep, I went through the whole day with one ice cream, that was not even chocolate.

The day the proff cried

We didn't do anything

Ice Breaker

On the first day of my architecture course, my prof thought it would be fun to ask the class some ice breaking questions. He asked - “how many of you joined architecture out of passion”. The whole class was silent for 5 seconds and 4 people out of a class of 75 raised their hands. And the whole class roared in laughter. Lmao definitely a clown moment for us all and especially my prof.

Blame game

I was given a project during my internship since the architect who was handling it had to take off for a few weeks. By the time she came back, the work was mostly done by me- plans finalised, model and interior done, approvals gotten etc etc so the work was officially handed to me.

During a client meeting, after the architect resumed work, she followed me inside and started talking to the client as if she planned and drafted everything. I didn't mind it much bc the client seemed pretty happy with it and that made me excited. Also clients preferred talking to architects than interns. But as soon as she found there was a minor drafting mistake in one of the sections, she flipped the table on that one and told everyone that I drafted it and didn't understand the work or know how to draft properly yet. In front of all the clients, principal architect and associate architect.

Honesty a pretty shitty thing to do to an intern.

I thought I’ll drop out of college 3 years back

3 years ago, on the same day as today, I decided I will quit architecture. It was the day I had an existential crisis trying to finish my model at 5 in the morning. And after that, I’ve thought of quitting everyday. But I also realise that if I quit I’ve nothing else to do. So like everybody else who haven’t quit, I’ve kept it going. Guess it’s really too late figure out what the fuck I’m going to do with life.

I hate physical models now

There was this one time in my internship where all they made me do in the first two months was a physical model. You come to an office for professional training expecting something else and this is what you get. It truly did test my patience.

The Final Jury

It’s always funny how the final jury is when we’re all clowning and pretending to know our shit but in reality we don’t even know what we are talking about or what to say.

Secret of success

My manager, without prompt, sent me the secret of success. Hard work, dedication, commitment, and determination to do more than what's expected. Then she asked me to like and share her post on Linkedin.


Grateful for all the things that get me through architecture. Like that expensive sketchbook that I needed but never used

Two tacos

My boss wanted me to wait until his tacos arrived. Me being hungry and tired from a 12 hour shift was happy my boss offered me dinner. After an hour of wait, the swiggy driver brought the food. It was 2 tacos. That’s it. And that wasn’t for me to share too. My boss just wanted me to wait until HIS food arrived. :(


So there was this one day when I had to add dimensions to a bunch of cad drawings and then put it in photoshop for post-production. I worked till late that day and was almost finished with that when this senior comes and says that the client doesn't want dimensions. I had to stay till late at night that day just to remove all the dimensions and post-process the whole thing again. They didnt even get me dinner. It was a good day. A null-work work day.

The Day I Almost Missed by Jury

I was cycling to my department the other day with my model and a whole bunch of other stuff in my hand and a heavy bag. I got distracted and rammed my cycle right into my friends', breaking my model and ruining my sheets. I ended up going and apologizing to my prof and crying the other night. So yeah RIP.